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Various Artists – Very Important Playaz EP


Due to popular demand from fans, DJ Hype and Pascal are proud to release the Very Important Playaz EP on the mighty Playaz Recordings, bringing together a selection of previously released tracks that have undergone the VIP treatment. If you thought they were filthy the first time around, then prepare yourselves for five tracks of absolute dance floor destruction! After handing the naming of the EP over to the fans on Facebook, the VIP EP will consist of five highly anticipated tracks by a selection of the most talented and innovative producers in Drum and Bass at the moment.

First up is Playaz veteran DJ Hazard with the deep roller Food Fight VIP, this delightfully dark record has been mashing up the dance for some time now, teasing fans across the world. Never one to shy away from statement making bass lines and after taking some time out of the spot light, Hazard still reminds us that he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Drum and Bass production. First appearing on Playaz Flavours Volume 2 last year, Erb N Dub and Legacy’s Alaska is back by popular demand, with the VIP version instantly drawing listener’s attention with the brooding atmospheric opening before unleashing a wave of savage swinging kicks and sirens.

Original Sin turns his hand at remixing Casino, a track he originally collaborated on with his brother, Taxman. The sampling from films and scaling synths are set against a background of savage drum patterns which makes this a perfect soundtrack to a night filled with filthy Drum and Bass! Taxman steps up his production with the VIP version of his remix of Friction and Nu Balance’s Robocop which caused a stir when first released several years ago. His Robostep VIP version brings a slower, more dubsteppy feel to the track but remembers to include the iconic sampling from the 80’s cult film.
Jaydan’s Driller Killer VIP is available as a bonus digital download and is definitely one not to be missed! With its heavy drum patterns and crunching synths, it’s set to destroy more dance floors than when first released on the same titled EP.

So when the fans asked, Playaz responded by bringing you this stellar release. With the summer raving period fast approaching, the Very Important Playaz EP is soon to be a staple in the record bag of any DJ who knows how to please the raving masses!

For real Drum and Bass, remember to keep it Real Playaz!

Catalog No. PLAYAZ023
Label Playaz Recordings
Year 2012
Formats Digital, Vinyl
DJ Hazard - Food Fight
Erb N Dub & Legacy - Alaska (VIP)
Original Sin & Taxman - Casino (Original Sin VIP)
Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop (Taxman Robostep VIP)
Jaydan - The Driller Killer (VIP)

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