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Prolix – On Like That EP

2012 is fast proving to be the biggest year yet at Playaz Recordings with a continuous release schedule of pure, unadulterated Drum and Bass at its finest. Not content with offering you chart topping EPs and smash hit singles, Hype and Pascal have been searching high and low to bring their loyal fans an eclectic mix of releases that are guaranteed to make their way into your record collection during these rainy summer months.

This time the mighty Prolix steps up to bring you his hard hitting On Like That EP featuring the vocal stylings of the one and only MC Coppa displaying their skill and versatility over four original tracks. When it comes to music production, Prolix never fails to disappoint with his soaring synths, crashing percussion and trade mark deep rollers which have made him a household name and catapulted the producer to international stardom.

First up is the title track, On Like That, a ferociously deep offering with a stop start beat which echoes Coppa’s passionate lyrics and maintains a heavy bass stomping throughout. Dark guitar samples howl in the background as the layering of sounds mesh together to build an atmospheric opening leading up to the drop. As the pace quickens, the drum patterns become more frenzied and Coppa’s lyrics become more prominent and melodic. On Like That is guaranteed to set the dance alight!

The second collaboration between the two artists is the dark roller Feed the Habit which focuses on warping synths and techy samples with snippets of Coppa’s vocals fighting against the busy track. The breakdown half way through Feed the Habit where the samples are stripped back and the attention is placed on Coppa, builds dramatically for the next drop of pure filthy bass. Feed the Habit is exactly what a bass addict needs to get their fix!

Interlace opens with Coppa’s hypnotic chanting as dripping samples permeate the air. The penultimate track then launches full throttle into the trademark techy masterpiece that we all know and love Prolix for and the very reason Gana Tek Records was created. Interlace is another dark roller but opts to use Coppa as a chorus rather than a constant presence.

Last and by no means least is the majestic Shut the Place Down beginning with dream like synths before gathering speed within the first sixty seconds and together with Coppa’s explosive lyrics, bursts into a rocky club mover. The beat is slower than the previous tracks but the momentum is constant throughout and is a sure fire way to ensure everyone in the room is moving their feet!

For real Drum and Bass, keep it Real Playaz.

Catalog No. PLAYAZ027
Label Playaz Recordings
Year 2012
Formats Digital, Vinyl
Prolix - On Like That
Prolix - Feed the Habit
Prolix - Interlace
Prolix - Shut the Place Down
Prolix - Stealth Mode

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