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Jam Thieves – Sample Pack + Free Track

Jam Thieves Have Curated Their First Ever Sample Pack

Capturing the sound of modern Brazillian drum n’ bass, Jam Thieves create a choice selection of mesmerising, cutting-edge minimal dnb samples and loops.

Since joining the Playaz camp in 2016 the real-life brothers, Jam Thieves represent the funkier, more minimal sounds of jump up, rollers and everything in between. While beginning on New Playaz, the rising duo have steadily developed their sound with important releases such ‘Hackers’ and the ‘Minimal Funk’ EP on the main Playaz imprint.

With an array of unique sounds, Jam Thieves provide an elaborate selection of drum components, percussions, bass samples, lush pads, sick synths and complete drum loops. This pack includes 16bit and 24bit quality 174bpm dnb sounds and loops.

Any drum and bass producer would be majorly enhancing their sample bank by including this pack in their arsenal. Be sure to check the demo of tantalising sounds below and capture a rare slice of the Jam Thieves and Playaz sound.

26 drum loops
92 drum hits
26 synth hits
31 bass loops
31 pads

Catalog No. PLAYAZSAMP001
Label Playaz Recordings
Year 2019
Formats Digital
Jam Thieves - Sample Pack

Latest in the Store

Playaz Drum & Bass 2019
DJ Hazard - Far Fetched
Critical Impact - Bulletproof Vest
Annix & Kanine - Jackpot
Taxman - Made of Stone
BassBrothers - Oh My
Jam Thieves - Gang Life
DJ Limited - Soldier
Taxman - Telepathy
DJ Hazard - Missing Time
DJ Limited - Minefield
Potential Badboy & Troublesome - Bashy (Jungle Mix)
Jam Thieves - Love Forever
Annix & Simula - The Light
Sub Zero - Sound System Dub
BassBrothers - Verge
DJ Limited - The Elephant
Annix - Only Forever
Tyke - Lion of Judah
Teddy Killerz & Nais - Supah Dupah
DJ Hazard - Eyes on the Prize
Taxman - Scan Darker (Upgrade Remix)
Critical Impact - Mr Smith
Jam Thieves - Minimal Funk (TC Remix)
Tyke - Seperation
BassBrothers x Holly - So Stupid
BassBrothers – Oh My EP
BassBrothers - Backway
BassBrothers - Can't Forget
BassBrothers - Oh My
BassBrothers - Woods
BassBrothers - Verge (feat Hijak)
BassBrothers x DJ Ride - Off My Way
BassBrothers x Holly - So Stupid
DJ Limited – Minefield EP
DJ Limited - Understand Something
DJ Limited - Soldier
DJ Limited - Minefield
DJ Limited - Don't Be Afraid
DJ Limited - Work It
Potential Badboy – Bashy / Brederin
Potential Badboy feat Troublesome - Bashy (Jungle Mix)
Potential Badboy feat Troublesome - Brederin
Potential Badboy feat Troublesome - Bashy (Steppa Mix)
Potential Badboy feat Troublesome - Bashy (Dub Mix)
Potential Badboy feat Troublesome - Brederin (Dub Mix)

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