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Crystal Clear – Strength In Numbers EP

Crystal Clear has been smashing up dancefloors for some time now, and here his debut EP for Frontline is no exception to that rule. The ‘Strength In Numbers’ EP comprises four tracks each with the power to stop an elephant in its tracks.

First up is the awesome vocal-led ‘Itzalot’. Featuring Cabbie on the production and Stapleton on the vocals, it’s a quirky stab at fun filled D&B but with a serious bass-fuelled edge. No wonder Mistajam made it his ‘Jam Hot’ record of the week!

Next up Crystal Clear enlists Zen’s help to craft ‘The Man With No Name’, a grinding slice of chest-pounding D&B that’ll knock you off your feet if you try to resist its charms. Echoed vocal samples and a cheeky riff make this one a killer.

Cabbie pops up again on ‘Side Salad’, a track that grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go. Cheeky brass snippets and clattering breakbeats mingle with warping bass and ever-present sub-low frequencies.

To finish things off Crystal Clear remixes Netsky’s ‘Come Back Home’, a previous release on Ganja offshoot Liq-weed Ganja. Turning the original on its head, Crystal Clear retains all the twinkling musical sheen but adds a filthy reece and a rudeboy attitude.

Or buy it here:

TrackItDown Juno Records
Catalog No. FRONT100
Label Frontline Records
Year 2010
Formats Digital, Vinyl
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Itzalot
Crystal Clear & Zen - The Man With No Name
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Side Salad
Crystal Clear & Netsky - Come Back Home
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Burning
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Itzalot (Clean Mix)
Crystal Clear & Cabbie - Itzalot (Dub Mix)

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