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Annix – Past & Future EP

Download this EP from Playaz and get a FREE EXCLUSIVE bonus track.

Annix – aka Konichi and Decimal Bass – are currently one of the most exciting prospects in dnb and this month sees their latest release for Hype and Pascal – the much anticipated ‘Past and Future’ EP.

Themselves with a future that has them lined up to do some serious damage at Sun Beats Ibiza in September and a past that has seen them putting out massive tunes on Playaz since 2012, Annix kick off the EP with the extremely slick, vocal heavy title track.

‘Battle Station’ is a filthy cut from Decimal Bass, which will decimate the dancefloor within seconds as the breaks come in, and hot on the heels is Konichi’s ‘Visions’ which has been long awaited (this one was on Annix’s guestmix for Friction way back in December).

Annix ‘Take It Back’ is a spluttering tune that spits fireworks in your face and Decimal Bass ‘Near Me’ is an awesome switch up of rough and smooth sounds. Finally the wall smashing ‘Entrance’ from Konichi rounds this ep off with a big exit.

Catalog No. PLAYAZ051D
Label Playaz Recordings
Year 2014
Formats Digital
Annix - Past & Future
Decimal Bass - Battle Station
Konichi - Visions
Annix - Take It Back
Decimal Bass - Near Me
Konichi - Entrance
Annix - Wrong (Exclusive EP Bonus Track)

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