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When ordering a Pre-Order item please do not order any additional products as this will hold the order back automatically. Please place a separate order.

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FAQ’s – Digital

I can’t seem to login to my account.

Please clear all your browser cookies as 90% of the time this clears up any problems.

What quality/format are your files?

We supply our files in MP3 320kbps format as individual tracks (£1.49 inc vat) or in bundles (which works out cheaper) and high quality WAV files (£1.99 inc vat).

Why are your WAV files more expensive?

This is because the file sizes are a lot larger and costs us more to host.

Do your tracks have DRM? ?
No our files are DRM (Digital Rights Management) free.

Can I share my downloads ?

How do i pay for the tracks ?
All our orders run through the PayPal system but you can still use your credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc).

What if I order the wrong tracks ?

Unfortunately once the order has been processed we are unable to give any refunds (on Digital files) so please make sure you check your purchase at the checkout.

How long will my downloads be available for ?

Our Download links are only live for 10 days or 5 download attempts. If you are experiencing problems see below.

I can’t download the tracks I ordered ?

This could be a variety of reasons.

  • If you ordered your item with a pre ordered item then your link will not be live until the pre ordered item is made available. Please email us for further information.
  • Please try using the link on the order email and also try logging into your account for the links.
  • Try using a different browser.

I ordered a Pre Order item but I can’t download it ?

The links for Pre Ordered items will be live on the date specified on the order or item post.

Can I change my items at checkout ?

Yes, you can remove items from your cart or change them using the Edit Options button.

Why can’t I add certain tracks to my cart that have this symbol?

This is either because the track isn’t available for an individual purchase (bundle only) or that it is part of a bundle pre-order.

I can’t seem to import the track into Serato ?

This is because our files now come with metadata (artist name/title/genre etc) and Serato has some problems reading this info. To get around this problem please either re-encode the file or try placing it into iTunes (or similar) and removing the data.

What forms of payment do you accept ?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, Paypal all through the PayPal system.

Do you charge VAT/Tax ?

Yes we charge all EU countries 20% on the goods.

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