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Placid on the web

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The term ‘game changer’ isn’t heard too often in the DnB world but with Placid’s arrival something huge is set to get shaken into the works. Having rocketed onto Playaz last year with their acclaimed ‘Particles/Invasion’ Placid have shown us they aren’t shy to push boundaries, bringing to the table their trademark hybrid sound as they challenge tradition with their exciting brand of drum and bass. On closer inspection, the London/Brighton beatsmiths Kelvin Ford and Paul Owens have made it clear that they are the orchestrators to their own success. Having first emerged at a brief stint with a previous alias at Brockie and Ed Solo’s Undiluted the duo’s efforts soon began to turn heads, as their tracks proved massive hits in raves stretching from London to Japan.

Support amongst DJs soon spread, most notably among them Playaz’ very own DJ Hype who began to support their productions on a regular basis – a True Playaz night actually being the first time Placid heard one of their tunes dropped. No surprise then that when the current label began to run a ground Hype looked to bring the then newly formed Placid into the Playaz camp, the pair jumping at the chance and signing ‘Particles/Invasion’ to the label. Now bring the clock forward and Placid are now at the cutting edge of the genre today, not only proving the depth of innovation on the Playaz imprint but also their undisputed ability to nurture up and coming talent. The stage is now set for Placid this year and a exciting one at that as they channel all the hype into their latest effort, the ‘Perceptions’ EP which finds the boys yet again delivering a fresh spin on production and as always going against any formulaic grain.

With the new EP already well on its way to becoming one of the biggest releases this year Placid are hitting the ground running, hoping to strengthen their discography with more solid releases in the future. Well aware how high the bar has been set by the likes of Hazard, Sub Zero and Original Sin, this pair are well on their way to establishing themselves as more than just the kid brother of Playaz – cutting their teeth at every corner and adding more skills to an already impressive repertoire.

Releases from Placid

Playaz Drum & Bass 2013
Mob Tactics feat Elephant Man - Crazy Hype (Mad Run)
DJ Hazard - Time Tripping
Prolix - Kick Off
Lynx - Midnight Funk
Tyke & Prestige - Schizophrenia
Annix - Inception
Sub Zero - Your Flex (Majistrate Remix)
Original Sin - Superman
DJ Hazard - Digital Bumble Bees
Original Sin - Radical
Jaydan - The Driller Killer (Annix Remix)
DJ Devize - Shock Time
Optiv & BTK - Drop the Funk
Sub Zero - Brighter Days (Krakota Remix)
Legion & Logam - Blackout
Placid - Derailed
Total Recall - Ethnic Origins
Lynx - Bobby Says (Runnins Theme)
Optiv & BTK - Get Dark
Konichi - Machine & Key
Tyke - Oblong
Jaydan - Lonely Days
Annix feat Mondeya - Out the Pack
Dialogue - Hospital Food
Decimal Bass - XTC
Placid - Route 666
Annix - Gold Chains
Placid – Perceptions EP
Placid - Light Year
Placid - Perception
Placid - Derailed
Placid - Route 666
Placid - Duration (EP Bonus Track)

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