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Jaydan on the web

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Jaydan Aka Jamie Cope hails from Leicester and has been into drum & bass ever since discovering it through his older brothers love of the music, having grown up on a diet of ska and 80’s electronic music. As the music started to evolve into the jungle/drum & bass sound in the early 90’s he became hooked and at the age of 16 attended his first big rave at the legendary Sanctuary in Milton Keynes. With inspiration gained from the likes of LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Hype, Fabio and Jumping Jack Frost after attending a string of seminal raves, he knew that he wanted to be a DJ; under the watchful eye of likeminded local head DJ Skitzo, Jaydan began to learn his way round the turntables.

Fast forward a couple of years and an opportunity came up for Jaydan to play at a Formation Records night back to back with friend Dj Detro at the Underground in Leicester. A couple of years down the line, having grown weary of the increasingly techy influence in the music and instead turned to the amen funk of LTJ Bukem and his Good Looking sound, Jaydan met DJ Zen after the latter’s move to Leicester to form an alliance with Formation Records. Under Zen’s tuition he started to build his own software based studio, continually enthused by the burgeoning jumpup scene’s evolution under Twisted Individual and co. Linking up with Generation Dub a year later having firmly realised where his production future lay, he signed to their label Propaganda Recordings.

Jaydan has been producing now for around six years and is happy to have had a steady stream of releases on Propaganda together with well received remixes for the likes of Aphrodite, DBO General, Swan-e and also many more artists on a string of labels. He has also featured on the mighty Ganja Records and Ganja-Tek with collaborations made with Adam (Original Sin) from G Dub. During his career Jaydan has received support and excellent press comments from many of the scenes leading players including Roni Size, DJ Die, Clipz, DJ Marky, Hype, Goldie,Total Science & Nicky Blackmarket to name a few and you can regularly hear his tracks being played by Crissy Criss on Radio1xtra. He has also received attention from the godfather of Drum & Bass DJ Grooverider who has supported his music on BBC Radio 1 as well as on dance floors worldwide.

Feeling he was now an established name in the scene it was in late 2007 that Jaydan launched his own label Smokin’ Riddims. The label has accelerated in notoriety far quicker than he could had ever imagined with all of the current releases to date charting in the Radio One Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart as high as number 4. Jaydan has been Djing for 15 years now and describes his style as straight up party tunes although he plays and appreciates all angles of Drum & Bass. Along with regular appearances that stretch the length and breadth of the UK, he has also performed in a string of countries including Belgium, Amsterdam, Poland, Toronto, Paris, Vienna, and Portugal. With an increasingly busy worldwide DJ schedule, a thriving record label and an ever-increasing discography, the future is looking very bright indeed for Jaydan.

Releases from Jaydan

Sub Zero – The Collab EP
Sub Zero & Majistrate - Weapon of Choice
Sub Zero & Jaydan - Fear
Sub Zero & Dub Motion - Oh Girl
Sub Zero & DJ Limited - How to Act
Playaz Drum & Bass 2013
Mob Tactics feat Elephant Man - Crazy Hype (Mad Run)
DJ Hazard - Time Tripping
Prolix - Kick Off
Lynx - Midnight Funk
Tyke & Prestige - Schizophrenia
Annix - Inception
Sub Zero - Your Flex (Majistrate Remix)
Original Sin - Superman
DJ Hazard - Digital Bumble Bees
Original Sin - Radical
Jaydan - The Driller Killer (Annix Remix)
DJ Devize - Shock Time
Optiv & BTK - Drop the Funk
Sub Zero - Brighter Days (Krakota Remix)
Legion & Logam - Blackout
Placid - Derailed
Total Recall - Ethnic Origins
Lynx - Bobby Says (Runnins Theme)
Optiv & BTK - Get Dark
Konichi - Machine & Key
Tyke - Oblong
Jaydan - Lonely Days
Annix feat Mondeya - Out the Pack
Dialogue - Hospital Food
Decimal Bass - XTC
Placid - Route 666
Annix - Gold Chains
Various Artists – The Flavours EP Vol 6
Mob Tactics feat Elephant Man - Crazy Hype (Mad Run)
Nerve - Magic Medicine
Total Recall - Ethnic Origins
Survival - Didgy
Jaydan - Shes Heaven
Incognito - Reckless
Dialogue - Hospital Food
Liondub - Lift It Up
Jaydan – Journeys EP
Jaydan - Thrillseekers
Jaydan - The Driller Killer (Annix Remix)
Jaydan - 1952
Jaydan & Decimal Bass - Menace
Jaydan - Lonely Days
Jaydan - Late Night Drive
Sub Zero – Remixes EP
Sub Zero - Your Flex (Majistrate Remix)
Sub Zero - Run n Hide (Konichi Remix)
Sub Zero - Dodge City (Jaydan & Sub Zero Remix)
Sub Zero - Brighter Days (Krakota Remix)
Sub Zero - Motion (Supreme Being Remix)
Sub Zero - Run n Hide (Konichi Roller Remix)
Various Artists – The Flavours EP Vol 3
DJ Hype - Peace Love & Unity (Basher Remix)
Jaydan - Back Here
Shimah - Origin of the Cave
DJ Devize & Shookz - Coming in Stealth
Sub Zero - Digital Blues
Rewind - Hunt Her Down
Various Artists – Very Important Playaz EP
DJ Hazard - Food Fight
Erb N Dub & Legacy - Alaska (VIP)
Original Sin & Taxman - Casino (Original Sin VIP)
Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop (Taxman Robostep VIP)
Jaydan - The Driller Killer (VIP)

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