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DJ Hazard on the web

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There are few artists who can claim to have shot to Drum & Bass fame as quickly, or as succinctly as Birmingham based DJ Hazard. In just a few short years this incredibly talented producer has knocked out enough dancefloor bombs to be considered a serious sonic terrorist, adding to the noise pollution problems of neighbourhoods around the world with his uncompromisingly tight beats and earth-quaking basslines.

Originally noticed by D&B legend DJ Hype while producing a few tracks for DJ SS’ Formation Records, Hazard was soon snapped up by the Playaz boss once he realised the young Birmingham based talent wasn’t under contract. There began a partnership that has rocketed DJ Hazard to the very top of his game, both in terms of producing immense dancefloor destroying tracks that eager DJs clamour to get their hands on during promo stage, and his own career as a DJ which has seen him travel the globe, doling out masses of bass-fuelled pain to unsuspecting ravers worldwide.

Soaking up the bass-heavy sounds of Ragga and Hip Hop like a musical sponge in his early youth, Hazard found he was drawn into the sub-low hitting basslines and the infectious cut up drums of early Jungle during the early ’90s and, like many youths at that time, began to collect those addictive slabs of black crack. Funding his love of buying and playing records by working in factories, washing up in restaurants and delivering pizzas, Hazard put everything he had into following a path that he loved and his hard work paid off.

Evidently his journey didn’t begin with the Playaz camp; throughout the ’90s Hazard built a reputation as a solid club DJ in the local Birmingham scene, while he built on that success with his regular radio show on Kool FM Midlands alongside MCs Biggie and Accapello. From there the production bug was the obvious logical move, and soon Hazard was churning out tracks that would get his style noticed by hordes of the top D&B dogs. As word about this fresh talent grew, Hazard continued to work his way up the Drum & Bass ladder with determination and belief in his own abilities, and with such determination on display it’s no wonder that DJ Hype picked him up as the first non Ganja Kru member to be signed exclusively to the camp.

From there on a string of releases made Hazard’s name one that even your average D&B fan’s mum could recognise. Tracks such as ‘Use Your Brain’ and ‘Get The Fuck Up’ cemented Hazard as a favourite in many aspiring DJs’ boxes, and almost overnight he became one of the most popular Jump Up producers in the game.

Of course it’s obvious to anyone that hard work and dedication are Hazard’s watchwords, as you can tell from his journey to the top, but now that he’s there, he’s not resting on his laurels either. More recently his incredible anthems ‘Busted’, ’0121′ and ‘Mr Happy’ all topped the Drum & Bass charts, receiving support from just about everyone who’s anyone in the scene. The incredible power of Hazard’s production and the insane levels he’s prepared to take it to became even more clear as he dropped the awesome brutality of the ‘Machete Bass’ EP, a release that has secured his place in the top echelons of Drum & Bass producers, a place that will leave his mark on this music for many years to come.

With talk of a DJ Hazard mix CD on the newly formed Playaz imprint and the possibility of an artist album in the works, as well as his increasingly hectic DJ schedule and his relentless dedication to his art, it seems that all this could just be the beginning for DJ Hazard.

Releases from DJ Hazard

Playaz Drum & Bass 2019
DJ Hazard - Far Fetched
Critical Impact - Bulletproof Vest
Annix & Kanine - Jackpot
Taxman - Made of Stone
BassBrothers - Oh My
Jam Thieves - Gang Life
DJ Limited - Soldier
Taxman - Telepathy
DJ Hazard - Missing Time
DJ Limited - Minefield
Potential Badboy & Troublesome - Bashy (Jungle Mix)
Jam Thieves - Love Forever
Annix & Simula - The Light
Sub Zero - Sound System Dub
BassBrothers - Verge
DJ Limited - The Elephant
Annix - Only Forever
Tyke - Lion of Judah
Teddy Killerz & Nais - Supah Dupah
DJ Hazard - Eyes on the Prize
Taxman - Scan Darker (Upgrade Remix)
Critical Impact - Mr Smith
Jam Thieves - Minimal Funk (TC Remix)
Tyke - Seperation
BassBrothers x Holly - So Stupid
Playaz Drum & Bass 2014
Taxman - Rebirth [Club Mix] (feat Diane Charlemagne)
DJ Hazard - Death Sport
Original Sin & Koo - Running Man
Sub Zero & Majistrate - Under Pressure
Annix - Take It Back
Chromatic - Tell Her
BassBrothers - A Little Mad
Taxman - Judgement
Tyke & Prestige - Losing You
Heist & Pleasure - Endeavor
Original Sin - Stronger
Pleasure - Ace in the Hole
DJ Hazard - Bricks Don't Roll
Tyke - Big Sound (feat Daddy Earl)
Sub Zero & Majistrate - Motherfuckers
Philth & P-Fine - Tired
T>I - Deep Within
Taxman - No More Anthems
Tyke & Prestige - Closed In
Break - Strictly Entertainment
Annix - Digital
BassBrothers - Fashion
Konichi - Visions
Original Sin - Labyrinth
Tyke - Hold a Thought in Your Hand
Konichi - Don't Make Me Laugh
Playaz Drum & Bass 2013
Mob Tactics feat Elephant Man - Crazy Hype (Mad Run)
DJ Hazard - Time Tripping
Prolix - Kick Off
Lynx - Midnight Funk
Tyke & Prestige - Schizophrenia
Annix - Inception
Sub Zero - Your Flex (Majistrate Remix)
Original Sin - Superman
DJ Hazard - Digital Bumble Bees
Original Sin - Radical
Jaydan - The Driller Killer (Annix Remix)
DJ Devize - Shock Time
Optiv & BTK - Drop the Funk
Sub Zero - Brighter Days (Krakota Remix)
Legion & Logam - Blackout
Placid - Derailed
Total Recall - Ethnic Origins
Lynx - Bobby Says (Runnins Theme)
Optiv & BTK - Get Dark
Konichi - Machine & Key
Tyke - Oblong
Jaydan - Lonely Days
Annix feat Mondeya - Out the Pack
Dialogue - Hospital Food
Decimal Bass - XTC
Placid - Route 666
Annix - Gold Chains
Various Artists – Very Important Playaz EP
DJ Hazard - Food Fight
Erb N Dub & Legacy - Alaska (VIP)
Original Sin & Taxman - Casino (Original Sin VIP)
Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop (Taxman Robostep VIP)
Jaydan - The Driller Killer (VIP)
Playaz Digital Vol 2
DJ Hazard - Machete - EXCLUSIVE (VIP)
DJ Hazard - Selector
DJ Hazard - Use Your Brain
DJ Hazard & D Minds - Mr Happy
DJ Hazard - Talk Like A Girl
DJ Hazard - 0121
DJ Hazard - All The Way
DJ Hazard - Evac Q 8
DJ Hazard - Killers Don't Die
DJ Hazard - Busted
DJ Hazard - Kryme Watch
DJ Hazard - World of Darkness
Playaz Digital Vol 1
DJ Hype - Out For The Loot
DJ Hype, J Majik and Wickaman - Dubplate Killa (Double Drop Remix)
DJ Hazard - Use Your Brain
DJ Hazard - Trouble Maker
Potential Badboy - 123 Go
DJ Hype - Coming In Good
G Dub - Forever
DJ Hazard - Murder Tonight
G Dub - Tink Ya Bad
Potential Badboy - You're Mine
Various Artists – Dubplate Killaz 2
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Steal My Heart
DJ Hazard - Talk Like a Girl
DJ Hype J Majik & Wickaman - Dubplate Killa (Double Drop Remix)
G Dub - Les Miserables
Nightbreed - Venice Beach
Potential Badboy - Girlz
D Minds - Old Times
Crystal Clear - Blaze
G Dub - Terminate
Wickaman & Hoodlum - Hold On
DJ Hype J Majik & Wickaman - Look to the Future (TC Remix)
Prolix - Choke Hold
Potential Badboy - Rumours
DJ Hazard - Kryme Watch
G Dub - Come Home
DJ Hazard - Murder Tonight
G Dub - The Black Widow
Prolix - Exhile
Taxman - Embalmer
Wickaman & Hoodlum - Sub-Tub
Calibre & MC Fats - NeighbourHood
Future Prophecies - Superfly
G Dub - Crush
Potential Badboy - Bitch
DJ Hazard - All The Way

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