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Releases from DJ Hype

Annix – Power Chords EP
Annix - Power Chords
Annix feat DJ Hype & Eksman - Buss Off
Annix - Stare Death in the Face
Annix feat Teddy Killerz - Uppercut
Various Artists – The Flavours EP Vol 3
DJ Hype - Peace Love & Unity (Basher Remix)
Jaydan - Back Here
Shimah - Origin of the Cave
DJ Devize & Shookz - Coming in Stealth
Sub Zero - Digital Blues
Rewind - Hunt Her Down
Playaz Digital Vol 1
DJ Hype - Out For The Loot
DJ Hype, J Majik and Wickaman - Dubplate Killa (Double Drop Remix)
DJ Hazard - Use Your Brain
DJ Hazard - Trouble Maker
Potential Badboy - 123 Go
DJ Hype - Coming In Good
G Dub - Forever
DJ Hazard - Murder Tonight
G Dub - Tink Ya Bad
Potential Badboy - You're Mine
Various Artists – Dubplate Killaz 2
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Steal My Heart
DJ Hazard - Talk Like a Girl
DJ Hype J Majik & Wickaman - Dubplate Killa (Double Drop Remix)
G Dub - Les Miserables
Nightbreed - Venice Beach
Potential Badboy - Girlz
D Minds - Old Times
Crystal Clear - Blaze
G Dub - Terminate
Wickaman & Hoodlum - Hold On
DJ Hype J Majik & Wickaman - Look to the Future (TC Remix)
Prolix - Choke Hold
Potential Badboy - Rumours
DJ Hazard - Kryme Watch
G Dub - Come Home
DJ Hazard - Murder Tonight
G Dub - The Black Widow
Prolix - Exhile
Taxman - Embalmer
Wickaman & Hoodlum - Sub-Tub
Calibre & MC Fats - NeighbourHood
Future Prophecies - Superfly
G Dub - Crush
Potential Badboy - Bitch
DJ Hazard - All The Way
Various Artists – Dubplate Killaz
DJ Hype J Majik & Wickaman - Look to the Future
DJ Hazard - World of Darkness
Phantasy Shodan & UK Apache - Gimme Da Gal (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
Pascal & Monty - Dub Fe Dub
Potential Badboy - You’re Mine
DJ Hazard - Bubbles
Potential Badboy & Ebony Dubsters - Warn Ya
DJ Hazard - It’s Here
Potential Badboy - Crowd Says Reload
DJ Hype - Original Foundation (Majistrate Remix)
Potential Badboy - Terror to your Ears
DJ Hype J Majik & Wickaman - Dubplate Killa
DJ Hazard - Afraid of Us
DJ Hype - No One
DJ Hazard - Human Mind
DJ Hazard - Real Shit
DJ Hype - You Must Think First (Shimon Remix)
DJ Hazard - Enuff iz Enuff (VIP)
Potential Badboy - Let Loose
Potential Badboy - Sun is Shining Bright
Various Artists – True Playaz in the Mix Vol 3
Pascal - P-Funk 2004 (Movin Fusion Remix)
DJ Hazard - Power Up
DJ Hype - Mother F**ker
Friction & Nu Balance - Robocop
DJ Hazard - Evac Q 8
DJ Zinc - Troll
Pascal - Johnny 2003 (BC Remix)
DJ Hazard - Imagination
DJ Hype - Peace Love & Unity (Remix)
Nightwalker - Head Nod
DJ Zinc - Ska (Remix)
Hive - Last Call
Pascal - Bounce It
DJ Hype - True Playaz Vibe
Friction & Nu Balance - Bogeyman
Potential Bad Boy - 123 Go
Pascal - Hustler
DJ Hype – In Sessions EP
DJ Hype - Mother F**ker
DJ Hype - Peace Love & Unity (2003 Remix)
DJ Hype - Hands Up
DJ Hype - True Playaz Vibe
Various Artists – Old Skool Classic Mix
DJ Hype & Ganja Max - Rinse Out
Bonafide - Superbad
DJ Hype - Tiger Style
H.M.P - Runnins
DJ Hype - On Dat Dust
Rude Bwoy Monty - Warp 9 Mr Zulu
DJ Hype & Ganja Max - Pum Pum Must Smoke Ganja
Pascal - Reality
DJ Hype - Cops
Pascal - P-Funk Era
DJ Hype - You Must Think First
Rude Bwoy Monty - Steppas Anthem
DJ Hype - Fade Away
Pascal - Funkadelic
Dopeskillz - 6 Million Ways
DJ Hype - Mash Up The Place
Various Artists – Playaz4Real
DJ Zinc - Casino Royale
Pascal - Sky
DJ Hype - All I Have
Fellowship - Dark Flower Remedy
DJ Zinc - 174 Trek
Pascal - Keep It Real
DJ Hype - End Situation
Eskobar - Right Here
DJ Zinc - Pitcher
Pascal - Rollplay
DJ Hype - Welcome
The Outfit - Cleancut
DJ Zinc - Disturbed
Pascal - Cool Manouvre (Danny Breaks Remix)
DJ Red - Everything Has Changed (Remix)
Shimon - Midnight Run
DJ Zinc - Sea of Tranquility
DJ Hype - Dead A’s
Pascal - Step Up
DJ Hype - Tuff Enough
Various Artists – True Playaz in the Mix Vol 2
Freestyles - Stronger
Pascal - Favours
DJ Zinc - Bring The Danger
DJ Swift - Reload
DJ Hype - Closer To God
Nut Nut - Take Control
DJ Zinc - Pink Panther (Remix)
DJ Hype - Only One Life
DJ Zinc - Toothbrush
DJ Hype - Peace Love & Unity (Remix)
The Ganja Kru - Forbidden Fruit
Pascal - Serious Sounds (VIP)
DJ Hype - Jump
DJ Zinc - Local Motion
Pascal - Who Can Draw
DJ Zinc - Stretched
Pascal - P-Funk 2000
The Ganja Kru – F**k the Millennium EP
The Ganja Kru - Move On
The Ganja Kru - Science
The Ganja Kru - Forbidden Fruit
The Ganja Kru - Pink Panther (Runaways Remix)
The Ganja Kru - Noise
The Ganja Kru - Politrix
The Ganja Kru - Species
The Ganja Kru - Ghetto Brother
Various Artists – Real Vibes
DJ Hype - Closer to God
Pascal - Real Vibes
DJ Zinc - Driven
Nut Nut - The Finest
DJ Hype - Only One Life (Ganja Kru Remix)
Pascal - Pressure
Freestyles - Musically Dope (Ganja Kru Remix)
DJ Swift - 2nd Strike
DJ Hype - The Big 30h
Pascal - Reality of 98 (Shimon Remix)
DJ Zinc - Toothbrush
Terminal Outkasts - Way Out East

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